So what are the rules now?

Can you interview somebody without them knowing it? What if you are a reporter and they are a public figure? What if you are a reporter and they are a non-public citizen? What if you are a citizen-reporter and they are a public figure?

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For New Journalists, All Bets, but Not Mikes, Are Off


Published: June 8, 2008
A 61-year-old woman elbows her 5-foot-2-inch frame to the front of the crowd mobbing Bill Clinton after a campaign event in South Dakota. As Mr. Clinton shakes her hand and holds it tight, she deftly draws him into a response to an article on the Vanity Fair Web site that examines his post-presidential life. “Sleazy” and “slimy” are among the words that issue from the former president’s mouth. Within hours, audio of the three-minute exchange — including the woman’s description of the article as a “hatchet job,” and Mr. Clinton’s description of Todd Purdum, the author and a former reporter for The New York Times, as “dishonest” — is available for the world to hear on the Huffington Post Web site.
Nora Krug


Which might have caught Mr. Clinton by surprise.