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From AJR,   June/July 2008  issue

Murky Boundaries   

What are the guidelines for the personal blogs of journalists who work for mainstream news organizations?

By Kevin Rector
Kevin Rector is an AJR editorial assistant.     

Two years ago, Chez Pazienza found himself in need of a hobby.On leave from his job as a CNN producer on “American Morning” after having a pinball-size tumor removed from his head, he was worried about keeping his mind sharp as his body healed. So, like millions of other Americans in search of stimuli these days, Pazienza, now 38, started a blog.
A self-described “insufferable wise-ass,” Pazienza named the blog Deus Ex Malcontent ( and began blogging on an endless number of topics, from his thoughts on Oprah (he’s not a big fan) to his belief that “journalists have been demonized by right-wing demagogues, including those in the White House.”