1. Thrilled to get this comment from Renee Hobbs, one of the creators of the Fair Use Code. This document is a light in the New Media fog. I like the idea of “re-purposing” as a means test. Will report back on what my students think and how it influences their thinking and actual work.
  2. Renee Hobbs Says:
    November 14, 2008 at 4:29 am e

    You ask if your use of an excerpt from the report is a fair use. You ask: Who decides?

    When you read the report, you’ll discover that educators (yes, us) decide whether a particular use is a fair use. We don’t need to rely on lawyers to interpret for us.

    My judgment, as one of the creators of the Code: your use of this excerpt is fair use, because you are re-purposing some paragraphs as a means to attract attention to the Code of Best Practices from among your readers.

    By attracting new readers to the Code, your blog adds value to the report. Use fair use with confidence– and get out of copyright confusion by reading the Code!