The news of the death of newspapers is not nearly as greatly exaggerated as I’d like, but let’s just step away from the casket and take a deep, cleansing breath.

Look, I miss it, too. I miss it all. I miss the newsprint and the ink and the quaint idea of above-the-fold. I love being above-the-fold almost as much as I love all that is sacred. Because it was a sacred place. I miss inches. I miss beepers going off at 4 a.m., the siren’s song to a triple homicide.

Okay, I’ve gotta go teach. But I’m going to write all the things I miss about being a big-city metro reporter and then I’m going to let you read the stories below about how it’s all dead, dead, dead and then I’m going to try to make us all feel better because I’m a New Media Mama and it’s still out there for us. Don’t click on the links below yet because it’s just too much right now.

I just needed to store them someplace safe.

Goodbye to Newspapers

“Death of Newspapers “

“With Fewer Watchdogs, You Get Less Barking “ The New Republic

“MSM RIP” The New Republic