Facebook Backtracks on Use Terms – NYTimes.com 8:11am

After a wave of protests, Facebook said it would withdraw changes to its terms of service concerning the data supplied by users.

Facebook Reverts to Previous Terms

From a blog post on Mashable:

Facebook Reverts to Previous Terms of Service
February 17, 2009 – 11:58 pm PDT – by Adam Ostrow 20 Comments

“That was quick. A day after trying to defend changes to its Terms of Use, Facebook has pulled a 180 and decided to revert to its previous terms.

Earlier today, the company began polling its users about the controversial changes, with only 6 percent supporting them and 56 percent opposing (the other 38 percent simply responded “don’t know”). We posted the same poll on Mashable and the results were far more decisive – 88 percent voting to revert, 7 percent to keep, and 5 percent indifferent (as of 11pm PT).”

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