Here’s my contribution to Stuff Journalists Like,  a great post on 10,, sparked by:

“Stuff Journalists Like

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I was checking up on Stuff White People Like, the hilarious blog that spawned the equally thought-provoking Stuff Educated Black People Like, when I realized nobody has accounted for the journalists of the world. So here it is, Stuff Journalists Like:”

I added a few:

50. Not doing math 51. Coffee 52. Seeing our name on Page One above the fold in the news box 53. Attaboys 54. Being marginalized 55. Bitching about being marginalized without really BEING marginalized 56. When shitty editors get theirs 57. Lots of inches 58. Hating TV reporters 59. Dating TV reporters 60. The Billy Goat Tavern 61. The local news bar 62. Knowing that what we do is deeply important 63. Complaining about how what we do is deeply important and utterly unappreciated 64. Stickin’ it to The Man 65. Praying to become The Man 66. Regretting not going to law school 67. Regretting not getting their MBA 68. Dreading actually having to get a real job 69. Bitching about how journalism has become a real job 70. Wishing it was like it used to be

Stuff Journalists Like