My total bad….it’s like finding out you’ve been calling the coolest kid in school the old nickname his mom used to call him that he hates and won’t answer to. (And then correcting it by ending the sentence with a preposition.) My favorite blogger, name corrected below, noted (generously by hyperlinking to me AND calling this blog “great” which is just beyond classy) that his site no longer has the .net attached at the end. So from now forward no more net. This mistake offers endless joy for my students, who live under my ruthless intolerance of incorrect proper names or any factual errors.

So yes, kids, my total, humiliating bad.

See below:

10,000 Words is working without a “NET”

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A quick check of recent Technorati backlinks (and more specifically the great blog Old Dog, New Media) revealed that many people were referring to the blog as “10,,” rather than its actual title of “10,000 Words.” It quickly became apparent that the problem was that the old logo incorporated “.NET” into the name.

This was initially done for branding purposes and to differentiate between this site and But thanks to readers like you who have spread the word about this nifty little blog, the time has come for 10,000 Words to grow up and lose the “.net.”

Here’s the comment I posted on the blog:

Pam Says:  

Thank you for the clarification. This is particularly excellent because I’m ruthless with students about any incorrect proper names or factual errors and, well, here I’ve done the unthinkable. I’m hoping that because it wasn’t just me and that it was listed with the net as its prior name, that I won’t get too much grief. I will be sure to alert my students to my error and your kind reference to it for maximum smug prof humiliation.
So totally my bad, as the kids say.
(Your blog is the absolute greatest with — or without — a net.)