I don’t get this. Cool job. Apparent brain. Head attached. What could possibly compel somebody to self destruct like this? It’s SO Five-Years -Jayson Blair-Ago. Getting fired for plagiarism is so cliche it’s like an  ABS after school special.

If somebody else wrote it, don’t put it in your story unless you use these ” ” around it and put the name of the somebody else who wrote it, where and when. OKAY?

Rising Media Star Fired For — Plagiarism

Fortune‘s Barney Gimbel Leaves Magazine Amid Plagiarism Charge

Fortune’s Barney Gimbel Leaves Magazine Amid Plagiarism Charge |

The New York Observer
Source: http://www.observer.com
“In the March 16 issue of Fortune magazine, which will hit newsstands on March 9, the magazine is issuing an apology to its readers for plagiarizing a New York Times Magazine article from 2004….”

And a little lower in the story…..

“When the author of the Fortune story, a young, rising star at the magazine named Barney Gimbel, was presented with the two stories and the lifted passages during an internal investigation, he offered his resignation.”