Is it just me, or does this feel  like the end of everything?

A marriage made in New Media  Hell?

The last straw on the fallen camel of sane human civilization?


Or a dazzling, hypnotic  marketing device that will have us all giving our infants pureed Skittles?

Hard to tell.

Skittles and Social Media –

“Skittles Cozies Up to Social Media
Candy’s Site Is Built on Consumer-Created Content From Twitter, Facebook


For years, Skittles has encouraged consumers to “Taste the Rainbow.” Now, the candy brand wants people to “Chat the Rainbow.”

Mars Snackfood, maker of the chewy, multicolored candies, launched a new homepage at on Thursday that may represent the closest embrace of social media yet by a mainstream marketer. Instead of a typical product site that highlights information about or videos and games related to a product, features content created by consumers — most of it gleaned from other Web sites.”