So I think I was the “featured blog” on WordPress (see below)…which coincided with my class and I learning my new BFF new media concept:  SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

We had this most excellent speaker, blogger-guy extraordinaire, Eric Eldon, who actually makes a living as a blogger.

Eric shared with my New Media Communications Intro class his career path, new media innovations and strategies for success. Get aggregated. Write all the time. Remember to eat. Get it right or people won’t read you or cite you.

He works 80 hours a week, writes 3-5 stories a day for his blog and is constantly juggling ideas, contacts, new ventures and networks. He keeps up on all the news in his industry, reads voraciously and knows what is competition is writing within seconds of publication. What struck me was how much it  sounded like the life of an old AP correspondent, updating constantly, racing from story to story, relentlessly chasing. Everything old is new media again.

Meanwhile, here’s my aggregated self:

Here’s what I think is my debut as WordPress featured blog:

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