The plot thickens, or, as my Dad always says at the height of the narrative arc in every move he’s ever watched: “What a revolting development THIS is.”

The paper came out without its staff. The staff is dutifully and impressively documenting every move from all sides on their various public content vehicles, Facebook group, Twitter, blog. They offer a PDF of the errant issue. I’m deeply moved by that. They are indeed walking the walk of freedom of information.I’m still wating to see two additional new media technologies used by the students: YouTube videos documenting their strike, and streaming video.

Here’s the blog post updating us:

First Emerald produced since 1900 without student contributors

March 5, 2009 by independentjournalist

Uploaded tonight to the ODE drop (an internet resource we use to publish) was a copy of tomorrow’s “Oregon Daily Emerald.” (Quotes are intentional.) We decided to repost a pdf the first-ever non-student newspaper ever published at the University of Oregon under the masthead of the “Oregon Daily Emerald” here tonight for our readers, advertisers, and community to review.

Contained is a series of articles covering our strike, including content pulled from our blog and a statement from the ODE Board. The rest of the articles are from the AP wire, meaning that tomorrow students will receive from the Emerald the coverage of news written not by other students but by journalists working elsewhere.