Here’s an excellent exploration — written for us regular folk — of this whole new idea (new to me) of SEO, search engine optimization.

Simon Skinner, of my new BFF blog, NicheUltra Dot Com

“SEO, or search engine optimization

is something which a lot of people find intimidating ? after all, the study sounds like something which isn’t going to be a whole lot of fun. However, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal; once you learn a bit about SEO, you might find that SEO can be a lot of fun. Search engine optimization is essentially the practice of using keywords (the words people type into Google or other search engines) in the text of your website, articles and other material online. Let’s place it this way ? say that you have a website which sells camping tents. If you want people to be healthy to find your site easily by using search engines, you’ll want to optimize your website for the words and phrases which people use when searching the web for camping tents.”