The students are heading back to the newsroom this evening, according to a blog post by Dean Tim Gleason. In his post he outlines what, to me, reveals a genuine willingness to engage with the students’ concerns and come to a reasonable solution. I found his post first, and am dying to read what’s on the students’ strike blog!

Statement regarding The Oregon Daily Emerald

March 6, 2009 by Tim Gleason

The School of Journalism and Communication has a long and rich relationship with the Oregon Daily Emerald. For much of the ODE’s history it was a university publication and closely aligned with the SOJC. The relationship changed in 1971 when the paper became an independent student newspaper. Since independence the ODE has remained an integral part of the UO experience for many Journalism and Advertising majors. The School greatly values the ODE and the learning opportunity it offers students. We are proud of all of the SOJC alumni who are ODE alumni. We support the ODE in every way possible, while respecting and protecting its independence.

Because I have great respect for the newsroom staff and the volunteer ODE board members, I have not jumped into the public discussions in the blogsphere or issued any statements concerning the ODE newsroom strike. Yesterday, I did meet with some of the newsroom staff and with the ODE board. At the end of those meetings I was hopeful that productive discussions would begin this morning and continue as needed, and that the students would be back in the newsroom this afternoon.

Earlier today the prospects for an early return didn’t look good, according to the student’s blog, and there was the potential to cause great damage to the ODE in the short and long term. However, just moments ago, the staff agreed to return this evening….