In this Poynter Online post, Mallary Jean Tenore explores what the Daily Show is and does. One exam question I always ask students is: Is Jon Stewart a journalist? Cite specific examples to defend your answer. Here’s a heads up for students:
‘Daily Show’ Producers, Writers Say They’re Serious about Media Criticism

Posted by Mallary Jean Tenore at 6:55 AM on Nov. 17, 2009 “Daily Show” producer Ramin Hedayati spends his morning flipping back and forth between the “Today Show” and “The Early Show,” glancing at major news sites and political blogs and reading The New York Times. When he gets into the office, he scans through news shows recorded on the office’s 13 TiVos and looks for glaring inconsistencies, misleading reports and humorous soundbites.

While watching Sean Hannity’s coverage of an anti-health-care-reform rally at the Capitol last week, he knew something wasn’t quite right. “I remember saying to myself …’There couldn’t be a more beautiful day for this rally.’ Then all of a sudden it went to cloudy footage,” said Hedayati. “Hannity used footage from Glenn Beck’s 9/12 rally to make his rally look bigger … We were surprised that no one else caught it.”

Hannity responded last week to the show’s uncovering of the inconsistency, saying the video switch-up was an “inadvertent mistake.”