Like I wrote in my last post 30 seconds ago, I love OSU Library’s innovative idea to put some of their photos on FlickrCommons for a larger audience, but I figured there would be a downside, because there’s always a downside to all innovative new media ideas. A commenter on the Chronicle of Higher Education site is raising one such roadblock I thought I’d share here:

Now I haven’t worked at a large university in a while, but I would imagine that there would need to be a serious “beefing” up of most university internet infrastructure to give service to our outside community. And with funds for universities lessening it seems with every time Congress meets, who would pay for this? — G.Johnson It’s a great idea in theory, but it just doesn’t seem like something that could be practically implemented. Especially in todays economic climate. But creating more hotspots and national wifi/broadband would make for a great 21st century WPA project.

Lev Gonick: From Digital Campus to Connected Community to Broadband Nation