My 301 Writing for the Media Professional class will be in a frenzy of inaugural Twittering and blogging for tonight’s class. They’ve just set up their blogs and one student, Ryan, wrote a post I thought I’d share here. I asked students to write a “media self inventory” describing what media (new and old) they consume, in what format, how often, and for how long. Ryan’s co-op just completed a media blackout, which created an opportunity for Ryan to think and write critically about new media in the face of its absence. Read all about it:

Media Blackout…Good?

January 13, 2009 · No Comments

My first post for this blog is going to be a self evaluation of what media I consume and contribute daily. This self evaluation comes at an interesting time for myself. I currently am the president of a all guys Christian co-op just off of campus at Oregon State University. Towards the end of last term (Fall Term) our house decided that during the first week of winter term we would have a media blackout. A blackout from all electronic media including television, Internet, movies, and video games. The idea behind the blackout was to in some ways force people out of there rooms and be more social with each other. Having completed such blackout I have come to realize several things.

Read more at Ryan’s blog: